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Fan Friday: Ballet Legend Julie Kent Reviewing Movie Dance Scenes

I literally just came up with the concept of Fan Friday by watching a great video on Youtube yesterday that I thought was worthy of sharing. From now on, every once in a Friday, I will be posting content that appeals to me as a fan of the arts and that I think you would appreciate as well! It will not be a long article as the goal is just to pass along some interesting, impactful, or educating art content as a little Friday treat! Please see below for a great video of ballet legend Julie Kent reviewing dance scenes from various movies. I only knew Julie Kent by name prior to this but watching this made me want to read more about her impressive career as the longest serving ballerina for the American Ballet Theater. She is now the artistic director of the Washington Ballet.

Fun fact about Julie Kent: her birth name is actually Julie Cox. She adopted the stage name of Julie Kent upon the suggestion of famous ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov (whom you might also know as the actor playing Aleksandr Petrovsky in the HBO series "Sex and the City").


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