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Intro to the “Sweet Escape” Series

Alsacian vineyards in France, captured back when travel was taken for granted. Copyright P. Delophont.
Alsacian vineyards in France, captured back when travel was taken for granted. Copyright P. Delophont.

What a couple of months it has been. Between fear and stress , we’ve all seen our daily lives change drastically from one day to another. The whole world seems as if frozen in place, except for in hospitals and essential workplaces, working full time to save and serve us despite everything. Unlike during a war, where the whole nation’s efforts are geared towards a few essential tasks and where each and every one can play a role to help, the hardest part of this pandemic might be the feeling that we lack a purpose. While essential workers and emergency rooms are frantically acting to save lives and keep the country’s running, all we seem to be doing is losing our sanity and muscle mass while trapped inside our homes.

With all future plans on hold and reduced interactions with friends and families, we now have no choice but to be confronted with our feelings all day. For once there is no distraction or interruption, and this “new normal” can be a struggle.

Recently one of my siblings actually gave me a piece of advice, which turned out to be very helpful for me and that I try my best to apply everyday. He told me that he actively tries to avoid watching, reading or even talking about any content which focuses on the fact that we are quarantined at home and deprived of our usual activities. This might seem odd or even just impossible in our current times of hyper connection and remote communication, but I have slowly learned to embrace this new reality and am trying my best not to dwell on it. I am working on redirecting my energy towards stimulating my mind in various ways, whether for pure pleasure or to have a mindful break from work, which is now creeping into my personal space. We’ve all heard it by now: “if you don’t pick up a new skill or start a new business during this quarantine, you should be ashamed etc…” We are once again putting pressure on ourselves to accomplish things without actually catching our breath for a minute.

All year long we tell ourselves we need time to clear our heads, reflect, meditate, and take care of our mental health. Now this time is here, and there is quite literally no escape from it. Though we are impatient and eager to know what’s coming next and hopeful that this will end soon, I believe it’s good to remember to live in the moment. Even though this is a challenging time on so many fronts and we tend to focus on the negative, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward and to find a balance that involves rewarding ourselves for the things that truly make us feel good, whole and alive.

For this reason, I’ve come up with a few epicurations that will hopefully bring a little glimmer of joy and a ray of hope to these doubtful times in my new “Sweet Escape” series.