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Vibrant Sceneries to Brighten Up Your Day by Artist Paul Jackson

This is the second article in my “Sweet Escape” epicuration series which features artwork that allow our minds wander despite being physically confined inside our homes.

I was browsing the internet looking for inspiration on a gloomy and rainy Tuesday when a bright image in the bottom corner of a page caught my eye. “Hockney?” I immediately thought. After doing a double take, I saw that this painting of the Kaufmann House of Palm Springs had somewhat of a grainy texture in certain areas and featured geometrical shapes in the back that I didn’t recognize as Hockney’s signature. But, how I enjoyed projecting myself into this scenery! I let myself drift into a daydream.

“How would it feel to be on vacation away from home, poolside on a sunny day in California?” I wondered.

Instead of “dwelling” on the impossibility of realizing this dream in the near future, I decided to keep focusing on the piece until I could imagine the soft embrace of the sun on my face. In that very moment, I felt an urge to go discover what else Palm Springs has to offer in real life and made myself a promise to go visit it the next time that I have the opportunity.

British artist Paul Jackson is who I have to thank for these couple of minutes of escape from reality. The Bath,UK based painter specializes in rendering modernist architecture and peaceful sceneries, from mansions on the California coast or Ibiza to dreamy seaside cliffs and creeks in Cornwall, England. His paintbrush has also immortalized sceneries from the South of France as well as secret Islands and the beauty of the alpine mountains in different seasons. His collection also includes some fanciful garden paintings which will inspire you to grow a green thumb.

Jackson’s painting style and subjects actually reflect all aspects of his eclectic background. He graduated from Kings College at London University with a geology degree before becoming a bar and club interior designer in London. Jackson then dived into fine arts, first starting with mosaic and sculpture before finding his true calling in painting.

Jackson’s canvases come in rather large sizes, to my delight. We are spending so much time inside these days that pieces that invite life and celebration in our homes are necessary. How can we not treat ourselves to a vividly colored painting of an idyllic place as a statement and a promise of better days ahead in our living space?

To add a piece to your collection, you can head over to Paul Jackson’s gallery instagram and website. Some limited edition giclée prints and original paintings can also be purchased on Saatchi art.