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What is an epicuration?

I was trying to come up with a concept name for some of my art blog posts and the word epicuration came to my mind. Where from? Who knows. Maybe from a weird combination of my French brain and English brain, coming together in a moment of creativity only a non-native speaker can relate to. Usually mixing words up or creating a new one by accident is a frustrating experience for me as I try my best to communicate and therefore to be understood by my audience. But this time, I thought, “hm funny” and I wrote it down. Later, after a quick Google search to check if the word existed, I had an exciting realization: it wasn’t in the English (or French) dictionary!

I decided that it was a sign and I ought to create my own definition for it. So there you are! You can now look forward to reading more epicuration posts on this blog in which I’ll be sharing art that I believe makes life worth living for (ahem, I meant sharing artistic and style gems that I found exciting and/or thought provoking of course).